Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dragon Slayer vs. Dragon Slayer

Dear Plaza Theater,

As Atlanta's only remaining independent theater, you should care more about your customers. After a busy day napping, working out, petting my cat, and working on my novel, I thought I'd relax AND support a local business.

What's even better, you were showing the 1981 boy-vs-dragon classic DRAGONSLAYER starring Peter MacNicol who would go on to star in SOPHIE'S CHOICE and TV's ALLY MCBEAL. You sometimes show older films on weekends and my house-mate and I thought how we lucky we were.

I was interested to see an overlooked sword-and-sorcery film deemed "too dark" to be the Disney product it was. And my housemate Clark was interested because he's reading several medieval mysteries and wanted to get a visual look for the grit of the period.

Well only AFTER buying tickets, and AFTER buying popcorn, did I spot the following postcard promoting what was REALLY playing at your theater.

Well Plaza Theater, I think it was deceptive and dishonest. And when we did tell the counter what had happened, they said "What's Dragonslayer from 1981" as if they were too young to have even heard of it. Well you know what?! I think those punks were trying to make me feel old.

But they're the ones who have things wrong. You do not advertise a film with the same name of another film that's only 33 years old and expect everyone in the entire city to know which one it is!

It would be like showing THE PARENT TRAP and not expecting some "old people" to be surprised that Haley Mills was nowhere in it! Oh, don't give me that "Who's Hayley Mills routine"! Next you'll be telling me you don't know who Irish McCalla is, or Pola Negri! Hmph! I've got half a mind to drive by the theater periodically and stare. Stare hard at the tiny little box office and just hope that your business falls off a little more. That'll show you!

- Disgruntled "old timer"!

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